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Slovenia is the only country in Europe that combines the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst. The changing landscape is constantly surprising, time and again. You can have one eye on the sea, then look in the other direction and be surrounded by high mountains. Heading up into the forests, you can see the green plains below you. From upland meadows your view stretches into river gorges. This proximity of opposites and contrasts is a hallmark of the country.

In Slovenia you can still walk through virgin forest, or watch the grapes ripen on the oldest vine in the world. You can hear tales of bears, and eat forest fruits that you have foraged yourself on a brief walk out of town. Here you can uncover the secrets of the land, and what lies beneath it. Here you are part of nature. Slovenia has numerous sites of special natural interest, with features of all four main areas: the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst and the Pannonian Plain. It also has a wealth of diverse architecture and urban design. You can truly feel at home in Slovenia’s towns. Slovenia is a land of greenery, which offers great opportunities for activity holidays. Its high-quality accommodations guarantees a comfortable stay. It is perfect for a summer holiday, a winter break or a weekend away. Slovenia is famed for its excellent food, accompanied by one of its fine wines. The friendly, hospitable and attentive locals will guarantee you a pleasant stay. You can feel Slovenia.

Source: Slovenia Tourism

Slovenian tourist destinations and cities continue to achieve international awards and recognitions:

  • Slovenia was named 5th in the top 10 countries to visit in 2022, according to
    world-leading travel publisher Lonely Planet.
  • At the virtual event Global Green Destinations Days 2021, seven Slovenian destinations were included in the Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories list.
  • The gastronomic magazine Food and Travel Italia awarded Slovenia the prestigious award for the Best Foreign Destination of the Year.
  • STB received four gold and three silver awards from The Golden City Gatefor excellence in tourism promotion.
  • Slovenia received the Food and Travel Italia “Nation of the Year” award for excellence in the field of enogastronomy.
  • STB received two silver and one bronze award from The Golden City Gate Awards for Excellence for promotional and communication tools in tourism.
  • STB received the Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards in the Best of Europe 2020 category for introducing sustainable models in tourism at the national level.
  • Virtuoso, the leading association in the luxury and boutique travel industry in the world, declared Slovenia the hottest destination of the year 2019
  • Virtuoso, a leading association in the world in the luxury and boutique travel industry, nominated the Slovenian Tourist Board for the tourist board of 2018 and 2019.
  • STB received four gold and two silver Golden City Gate Awards for Excellence at ITB Berlin for promotional and communication tools in tourism.
  • At the ITB Berlin 2018 tourism trade show, the Slovenian Tourist Board received the Sustainable Destinations 2018 award in the Best of the Planet – Best of Europe category.
  • Slovenia was given the prestigious European Region of Gastronomy 2021title.
  • At WTM London, Slovenia was given golden award in the category Best in Wellness by International Travel & Tourism Award for the campaign Healthy Waters.
  • At the ITB Berlin tourism trade show, Slovenia was given the distinguished World Legacy Destination Leadership Award by National Geographic for its sustainable destination management.
  • In September 2016, Slovenia was declared the first Green Country in the World at the ‘Global Green Destinations Day.

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