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The Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce is a Business Network of Slovenian professionals that spans Canada, Slovenia, and throughout the world. 

The Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (CSCC) is a beacon for Slovenian business organizations and professionals, here, in Canada, in Slovenia, and abroad, with recognition of our shared heritage.
The CSCC supports local and international businesses by providing market entry services, organizing business events to improve business relationships, and using its unique position with Canadian and Slovenian organizations to promote a favourable business environment for both.  
The CSCC’s mission is to enable Slovenians in Canada and abroad to connect, share their business expertise, and promote business opportunities within a networking framework.
We promote CETA because it is providing better business opportunities in Canada for EU Countries and Slovenia:
  • with customs duties being removed,
  • enhanced labour mobility,
  • regulatory cooperation,
  • fair treatment of investments,
  • increased access to government procurement 
How Has Business Been Changing:  
  • New work environments,
  • New approaches for communication,
  • Expanded global awareness,
  • More emphasis on the circular economy, addressing climate change and social issues.
We are witnessing companies gearing up for growth and expansion and many Slovenian and Canadian companies wish to connect through our network of business associates – as partners, investors, and resources.
We look forward to continuing this journey with you as we connect through the Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.
To learn more about the Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, please cruise our website, see our CSCC YouTube Channel for past events, and connect with us at info@canslo.com, on Facebook, and LinkedIn.
We look forward to hearing from you!  

The Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce is funded by

Spirit Slovenia


Urad Vlade RS za Slovence v zamejstvu in po svetu (Government Office for Slovenians Abroad)

We also acknowledge the ongoing support from :
To foster and promote trade, industry and investment among business people, firms and corporations from Slovenia and Canada and to develop and improve economic, commercial and industrial relations between Slovenia and Canada.