Kreal – Creative aluminium: countless possibilities when designing open spaces

The products within the brand Kreal® reflect the lightness of nature, as all the products are made of natural material – aluminium in combination with wood. Based on years of research, Kreal presents new useful options of aluminium with a synergy of design and architecture in different open spaces in an innovative way.

Social public spaces Kreal® ACTIVE and FIT – for active lifestyle for all generations

The quality design of open public spaces improves the attractiveness of urban centres and green areas, and contributes to the improvement of both the quality of life of city dwellers and urban sustainability. We believe that the urban green spaces and green infrastructure can make a significant contribution to people’s overall well-being and quality of life, as a part of their everyday experiences.

Deliberately designed Social Public Spaces Kreal ACTIVE and FIT encourage all generations to engage themselves in physically active lifestyles and thus improve both personal and community well-being and health, including physical, social, economic and psychological dimensions, which are connected with individual and community learning, development and capacity-building, sense of place and cultural identity.

Advantages of Kreal equipment:

  • adapted to the environment and users
  • modular – composed of elements that allow adaptation to changing needs – redesign
  • material resistant to external influences
  • modern and safe playground equipment, among which our NEW product of 2016: e-climber, which offers various ways of conquering the e-climbing wall in a smart way
  • modern and safe outdoor fitness equipment for all generations, including fitness equipment for elderly people, designed in cooperation with Slovenian Institute of gerontology and intergenerational relations.


Each Public Space Kreal is unique and reflects the lifestyle of the users and of the local community. Since the needs to use the elements depend on gender, generation, intended purpose and region, the concept is designed to cover all of these aspects, enabling to create an intergenerational linking point for users, where different generations gather and share their knowledge and their valuable experiences. The modularity of the Kreal equipment makes possible to create different social public spaces:

  • CLASSROOM IN NATURE Kreal®- for learning, sharing knowledge and skills, relaxation and socialization, for local clubs, extracurricular school activities and other associations.
  • Social public spaces Kreal®: ENTERTAINING and MARKET – for entertaining, leisure, gathering and socialization.

Kreal is inviting municipalities, tourist service providers (hotels, camping sites, resorts, …), elderly care homes, schools, kindergartens, universities and all other partners who DARE TO innovate and to co-create to contribute to solutions for better living environments. Let’s gather together!

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