Slovenian company, Sinergise presented at the World Statistical Congress in Canada

At the invitation of the Canadian Ministry of Defence, the Slovenian company Sinergise participated in a public debate or panel in Ottawa, where it presented its expert views on avoiding and preventing various security threats through the use and processing of satellite data.


The panel took place on 17 July 2023 as part of the World Statistical Congress 2023 in Ottawa. The panel entitled “Emerging and Disruptive Technologies: The Role of Data in Transforming the Defence, Security and Safety Sector” (Emerging and Disruptive Technologies: The Role of Data in Transforming the Defence, Security and Safety Sector), in addition to Sinergise, other representatives of the defence and statistical sector from Canada and other countries participated. Sinergise is a leading Slovenian company in the field of satellite data processing and analysis. Their platforms like Sentinel Hub, EarthOS, etc. they allow users to acquire data from satellites, and process and analyze them, thus gaining insight into various processes such as environmental changes, agriculture or security risks.

On the panel, company director Grega Milčinski presented how satellite data can contribute to the prediction of natural disasters and the establishment of adequate rescue and preventive operations. In recent years, the Sinergise company has developed a number of solutions that enable fast and efficient processing of satellite data in the event of natural disasters.

About the World Statistical Congress

The World Statistical Congress is the largest and most important statistical conference in the world. The event is organized by the International Statistical Organization (ISO) every five years. The congress is an opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge in the field of statistics, to present new statistical methods and to discuss current statistical topics.

This year’s World Statistical Congress took place from July 12 to 18 in Ottawa. The theme of the congress was “Statistics for a better future”.

Prepared by: Simon Pribac


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