Slovenski dan 30th Anniversary Toronto Celebrations!

VSKO Presents “Slovenski dan 30th Anniversary Celebrations!”

On Thursday, June 24, 2021 @ 11:00am,  at Toronto City Hall, our Slovenian Flag will be raised to commemorate Slovenia’s 30th Anniversary.

Unfortunately once again, due to the pandemic, we are not permitted to have a formal ceremony or gathering to celebrate our anniversary.

Those who wish to see the raising of our Slovenian flag are welcome, but are not allowed up onto the platform at City Hall. Those in attendance will need to stay on the lower level of Nathan-Phillips Square (same level as the fountain). These are regulations imposed by officials at Toronto City Hall.

Also, on Friday, June 25, 2021 at 8:00pm, the CN Tower will be lit in Slovenian colours, to commemorate our 30th Anniversary of Independence. VSKO was fortunate to organize this with the CN Tower. This is not something they do, so we should consider ourselves privileged and proud! 

As with the Flag Raising, due to social gathering restrictions, we are unable to hold a community gathering.  

A friendly reminder to all that if you will be at City Hall or the CN Tower, you are still required to follow all social and physical distancing regulations.

Spotlight on Slovenians (To smo mi, kanadski-Slovenci)

This initiative focused on celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Slovenian Independence, Spotlight on Slovenians is showcasing the Slovenain community from multiple Canadian provinces. By means of video presentations created by participants themselves, our goal is to not only celebrate the anniversary of Slovenian Independence but to provide some inspiration – to help us remember our cultural roots and to remind us of where we came from and the impact that our Community has had on the Slovenian culture in Canada. 

The Slovenian community in Canada is vast and diverse. Histories, accomplishments and milestones only begin to touch the surface of both the strength and tenacity of these organizations.

Join us as we air videos daily, featuring one club/organization/business per day. Videos will be uploaded to both Facebook and YouTube for approximately 7pm on weekdays (See links to the VSKO Facebook page and YouTube channel below).

Join Slovenians across not only Canada, but as fellow Slovenians across the world as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Slovenian Independence. 

For any questions or if you’d like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Lep pozdrav! 



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