CSCC Development 2014-2015

CSCC has gone through an exciting transformation through the last year.

See the CSCC 2014-2015 Report below:



May – June 2014 Preliminary work. First meetings of the interested group. General brainstorming.

July 2014 Forming of Canadian Slovenian Business Initiative. Connecting with Slovenian American Business Association in Cleveland. Connecting with Slovenian Business Club.

Aug. – Sep. 2014 Connecting Slovenian Business Initiative and SABA. Canadian Slovenian Business Initiative becomes the initiative of the Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. Raising business and political support on-field in Slovenia. Researching comparable organizations in other countries. Other similar organizations open doors for collaboration.

October 2014 Beginning of structured work on redevelopment of the CSCC. De-facto hiring of a full time person. Developing strategic plans for the organization’s development.

November 2014 CSCC first public event of 2014, featuring international business guests. CSCC plan was revealed to the community. Opening the membership applications.
Starting grants application processes.

December 2014 Start of the 2014 membership drive. CSCC Christmas event. Filing in the application for grant in Slovenia. Preparations  for 2015.

January 2015 Officially hiring a full-time Executive Director. 2014 membership passed 60 members. General members meeting with special guest Joe Mihevc “The future of Toronto and its impact on small and medium businesses”, providing info to local Canadian Slovenian businesses on how to take advantage of opportunities opening in the Greater Toronto Area. Developing work opportunities for Canadian Slovenian youth by helping Canadian Slovenian organizations with grant application process to hire a summer student.

February 2015 CSCC membership reached 80 members. Grant application for CSCC summer hire filed. CSCC assisted the Historical Society on all steps of the process of government grant application to hire a Canadian Slovenian student for their organization.  Launch of the new CSCC website The website features new functions designated  to boost and reinforce the networking and business interactions between CSCC members, such as online members directory and the business opportunities forum.

March 2015 Grant from the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad approved. Business Opportunities, Slovenian Wines and CSCC Slovenia Seminars sub-committees created. A public seminar “How to do business with Ontario Government” organized in cooperation with the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and the Canadian Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The seminar highlighted the possibilities and explained the exact procedures for the Canadian Slovenian businesses to benefit by becoming official suppliers within the 6 billion annual Ontario procurement. It opened further business opportunities through interaction between Slovenian and Croatian businesses in Canada.

April 2015 Development of consulting services program for CSCC members. Starting the  2015 membership applications. Summer student grant application approved by the Federal government of Canada. CSCC starts reaching out  Start of reaching out to companies in Slovenia to create further opportunities through connecting Slovenian businesses on both sides of the ocean.

May 2015 Start of the recruiting process for CSCC summer student hire. Annual General Meeting held at Signature Catering / Peter & Paul Banquet Hall. Changes in by-laws. Slovenian wine tasting & seminar. Slovenia Tourism seminar.  New board of directors elected.

June 2015 Finalization of the summer student hire process. Seminar on new pension legislation in Ontario and its imminent effects on small and medium businesses featuring experts from various financial organizations. Electing the new president of the CSCC: Leslie Brlec.  

July 2015 CSCC helped gain sponsorship for the CanSloFest, a larger scale Canadian Slovenian Music Festival resulting in $5000 profits for the Bled Park and raising awareness about Slovenian Parks and organizations across Ontario. CSCC hired a Canadian Slovenian business student Matthew Noehammer as result of the Canada Summer Jobs grant. Canadian Slovenian Historical society also hired a Canadian Slovenian student as a result of CSCC’s help with its application process.

August 2015 Application filed in for grant from SPIRIT Slovenia – Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Development, Investment and Tourism. Providing support to the Toronto Business Academy, connecting Slovenian business students from both sides of the ocean. Preparations for CSCC presentations in Slovenia and presence on international business fair.

September 2015 CSCC delegation visiting Slovenia. Meetings with representatives of various Slovenian and EU institutions. Seminars on doing business with Canada at Rotary Club Nova Gorica and SPIRIT Slovenia public event in Celje (over 100 visitors). A week-long all-day presence at the biggest international business fair in Slovenia MOS 2015 in Celje in cooperation with Slovenian American Business Association from Cleveland. Seminar on improvement of productivity and profitability for Canadian Slovenian businesses  in Toronto delivered by Frank Kreze from Leadership Management International Canada.  SPIRIT grant approved, putting CSCC on the map of most important Slovenian business clubs worldwide, together with similar organizations in Austria, Croatia, Italy, Israel, Luxembourg, Hungary, Poland Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and USA.

October 2015 As a result of September presence in Slovenia, a great amount of interest has been generated by Slovenia based businesses to collaborate with Canada. CSCC further developing consulting programs to assist Slovenian companies with Canadian market entry. First consultations with potential consulting clients from Slovenia taking place.



November 2015 November 26 State of the Union event for CSCC members and the greater Canadian Slovenian Business Community (at Browns Line Hall). Guest speakers include Klemen Zumer, representative of the European Parliament, Franci Plibersek, a successful international businessman and Marjan Cencen , the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Canada. The State of the Union event provides an open public forum to exchange ideas and set the course of development for the up-coming year.

December 2015 December 4 CSCC Christmas Event (at Croatia Restaurant). A night of networking and entertainment for the Canadian Slovenian Business Community. Guest speakers to be confirmed. Entertainment by Ansambel Europa. The event is intended to increase the connections and flow of information between the Canadian Slovenian business owners and professionals.

January/February 2016 A public seminar for businesses and community organizations on best practices in getting government grants and other sources of funding and growing the organizations/community. Seminar will be organized in conjunction with the VSKO.

May/June 2016 Launch of the 25th anniversary of Slovenia’s  independence edition CSCC Business and Community Directory


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