Slovenian knowledge and design at the biggest interior design fair in Canada

IDS or “Interior Design Show” is the biggest event in the field of interior design in Canada, visited by over 700,000 people since its start in 1999. 











Every year the fair hosts the best of the international design and architectural industries. The event takes place in Toronto, which, with almost six million residents, represents the business and economic engine of Canada. The fair is known for setting interior-design trends for the up-coming year with many millions of dollars worth of contracts signed each year.

SONICCAN booth IDS 2015 Booth DetailThis year’s show, which took place in January at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre featured over 300 cutting-edge exhibitors from around the world. Among them was the Slovenian company Varion with its partnering Canadian brand SonicCAN (









With the help of the Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, and under design guidance by Germany based Slovene-Spanish architectural duo Pecnik-Caballero, SonicCAN presented top-of-the-line design/architectural solutions in the field of spatial acoustics. The technology and materials used are result of Slovenian knowledge and entrepreneurship, and received a lot of attention at the show.

SONY DSC“Working with the Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (“CSCC”) was instrumental in helping us successfully establish SonicCan during this last year. SonicCan imports architectural acoustic elements from Varion in Slovenia, and we are excited to say that business is growing thanks to the assistance offered by the CSCC. The CSCC helped us with the trade-show logistics, translation and development of brochures, website and promotional materials, and linked us up with the architects in Germany who designed our booth for the IDS trade-show — one of the largest interior-design and architectural trade-shows in Canada — and also gave us multiple connections with potential local partners and clients in Canada. For Slovenian businesses looking to expand into Canada, we offer our highest recommendation in working with the CSCC as the most cost-effective and intelligent means of doing so. “

Every year Toronto hosts a large number of international fairs and trade shows that represent a stepping stone for entry into the Canadian — as well as the greater North American market — for many companies. The Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce is a great resource for helping Slovenian companies interested in taking part at such events. For more information please visit 

IDS 2016 will be happening from January 21 to January 24 2014, featuring world famous designers such as Ora Ito and Lee Broom. To participate, please visit

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