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Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce


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  As part of its Moving Ahead 2015 seminar series, the Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce organized a public seminar on the future of Toronto and its impact on small and medium businesses on January 23rd 2015.  

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Special guest and the keynote speaker of the event was Toronto city councilor Mr. Joe Mihevc.

Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America (after Mexico City, New York and Los Angeles) and the largest one in Canada. The city is currently experiencing tremendous amount of growth with approximately 100,000 new people moving into the metropolitan Toronto area each year.

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The attractiveness of the city is based on its strong and competitive economy and a relatively high standard of living. Toronto is a global leader in KPMG”s Most Tax competitive cities, tightly after New York in Best North American Cities for Business Investment (Financial Times), fourth in the world in terms of business opportunities (PwC) and in living conditions (Economist) and home to four of the world’s strongest banks: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia and Toronto-Dominion Bank (Bloomberg Report).


Needles to say, this opens a tremendous amount of opportunities for multiple businesses. The city ranks among top 10 in North America in Food and Beverage industries, Creative Sectors, Automotive, Financial and Business Services, Life Sciences, Information & Communication Technologies and Film and Television sectors.


With 100,000 new residents each year and a high interest of global citizens who make Toronto one of their temporary homes, Toronto is currently a hot spot for real estate, construction and related industries. The latest research shows Toronto has become the leading city in North America in buildings under construction, most of them being high-rise residential and commercial properties.

With a booming economy, high degree of safety and an even easier access for European companies due to the last Canada/EU trade agreement, Toronto is an open and inviting market for Slovenian companies who would like to invest or spread their business to Canada and the rest of North America.

The Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce is open to accept new member companies from Slovenia and assist them in entering this market.

For more information on how to become a member of the CSCC please visit our website or contact Simon Pribac at

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